8 months ago

Tax Day is just around the corner, and we need your help. Check the Republican Political Party Fund on your Kentucky income tax form today to contribute $2 to the Republican cause without adding to ... See more

11 months ago

Daviess County Republicans Salute our Veterans

11 months ago
Photos from Daviess County Republicans's post

Good turnout at the GOTV Get Out the Vote ralley at Republican Headquarters.

Remember to vote Tuesday.

11 months ago

Elect Art Maglinger Jailer!

11 months ago

I am Jimmie Sapp. I live on Pleasant Valley Rd. I am Christian and a life long resident of Daviess County. I am of 59 years. I have three children Stephanie ( Deceased ) James and Nicholas. I have ... See more

11 months ago
Vote Art Maglinger "JAILER"



"Keep" Owensboro native Arthur Maglinger "Daviess County JAILER". I ask for your support and vote! Daviess County Jailer Art Maglinger.

11 months ago
Senator Rand Paul Endorses State Rep Suzanne MIles

Senator Rand Paul endorses State Representative Suzanne Miles

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